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Making Texts from Multiple Resources Project

This project is based on an activity in Pahl and Rowsell (2012) that has been modified to include multiple intelligences and culturally responsive literacy. First, "make a list of the resources you have to hand around making a text in your classroom. Brainstorm these, if you can, with students. Ask students to create a text using whatever digital or material resources they choose" Pahl & Rowsell, 2012, p. 48).

Tell students that the mode they choose should pertain to their dominant intelligence and the topic should be culturally relevant. Then, students will be asked to "plan the activity, and then to work in small groups around their chosen text type, such as a film, PowerPoint, scrapbook, visual exhibition or piece of writing. Display these and show other students or teachers what you have produced in a final dissemination event. What kinds of texts did students decide to use and why?" Pahl & Rowsell, 2012, p. 48). 

Each student must then present their project to the rest of the class. If this is an in-class assignment, it should take 5 one-hour class periods; if students do this project as homework, then it should take 1 one-hour class period to introduce the project and 2 one-hour periods to present. Teachers should use their own discretion when determining if this is going to be assigned as an in-class project or as a homework assignment.