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Multiple Intelligence Inventory

Multiple Intelligence (MI) is related to multimodality. The way that people prefer to interact with literacy is likely one of their dominant intelligences. In other words, the way they interact with literacy likely shows their dominant mode of expressing knowledge. 

By helping students understand their dominant intelligence, teachers can better understand their students, and students can gain a better understanding of how they express intelligence.

There are myriad ways to express MI. Some assessments are free, others can be quite expensive. In general, the more expensive ones come with more supplemental materials, which are often useful, but might be of a breadth and scope that is beyond your particular lesson. 

Here's a link to a free MI assessment - "How Are You Smart" from an organization called Multiple Intelligences for Adult Literacy and Education.

Here's a pdf of a lesson called "Multiple Intelligence Survey for Kids", by Laura Chandler. It's available for free here at

Here is a link to an MI kit from the official website ran by Multiple Intelligence Research and Consulting.

The number of class periods required for this activity will vary depending on which lesson is used. The first two options each require 2 one-hour class periods. The official kit can take longer depending on how in-depth the lesson is.